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Here are the common questions asked by our Amazon Customers and answered by us and other users. If you have any other questions, feel free to reach us by click the link below!

  • What's the difference from waterpik cordless freedom water flosser?
    I purchase both cordless water flosser, The waterpik freedom flosser is powered by battery. This is a rechargeable water flosser to avoid battery replaced constantly. Nicwell water flosser is smaller and lighter than waterpik. Perfect for travel. I love this one better. By Amaya Robertson on March 5, 2021 My experience with this brand is better than experience with the Waterpik flosser years ago. The Nicwell works great for me and I believe it is less expensive than Waterpik, but I have never compared feature to feature. Also, Nicwell tips' provide different kinds of cleaning. No idea on similar Waterpik. By Ed H on May 24, 2022
  • How to use custom setting? Instructions are unclear.
    Please watching this instructional video about how to customize your water flosser setting.
  • Does it remember the mode setting when turned on? Or do you need to change it each time?
    It does remember the setting from the previous use. By Diane M. on March 25, 2021
  • Is tank removable for cleaning?
    Yes, thanks to the open tank& detachable design, it's much easier to clean inside of the water tank than others. By Francisco Gonzalez-Franco
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