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Tip Selection

Your Nicwell Water flosser comes with 5 tips (3 different types). Each different tip has a unique design and different purpose. Below you will find a guide with descriptions of each tip and how to get the most out of your water flosser!

Jet Tip

The Standard Jet Tip, serves as the regular nozzle intended for daily usage. Its primary function involves thorough cleaning that reaches the interdental spaces and the area beneath the gumline, effectively reducing the risk of gum disease and enhancing overall oral well-being.

Ideal for: Everyday usage

Renew: Once every half a year

Instructions: Initiate the cleaning process from the rear teeth while tracing the natural curvature of the gumline. Take short pauses between teeth, directing the tip at a 90-degree angle towards the gumline. To facilitate the removal of plaque and debris, it's recommended to maintain a slight distance between the tip and the gums, allowing the water flow to perform its cleansing action

Ortho Tip

The Orthodontic Tip is designed with a slender brush at its tip, intended to effectively eliminate plaque accumulation on braces and orthodontic devices. This specialized tip also plays a role in dislodging bacteria and food particles lodged around teeth and beneath the gumline.

Recommended for: Braces, Orthodontic Devices, General Oral Care

Renew: Every 3 months

Usage directions: Delicately maneuver the tip alongside the gumline, briefly pausing to softly brush the interdental regions and the entirety of the orthodontic bracket or appliance. Subsequently, move on to the adjacent tooth.

Tongue Tip

The Tongue Cleanser, designed in a spoon-like configuration, proficiently captures and eradicates bacteria residing on the tongue, contributing to the prevention of unpleasant breath odors.

Ideal for: Achieving a more revitalized breath

Renew: Once every half a year

Instructions: Before activating the device, adjust the pressure setting to its minimum level. Position the Tongue Cleanser at the midpoint of your tongue while the device remains turned off. Subsequently, switch on the unit and gently draw the tip forward using slight pressure. Repeat this process to effectively cleanse the desired sections of the tongue. If desired, you can elevate the water pressure according to your preference.


Nicwell Water flossers come with a USB charging cable (wall adapter not included), making your flosser easy to charge just about any where. To charge your Nicwell simply plug one end of your charging cord in to the flosser and the other end into any USB power source. Your Nicwell will be fully charged after 4 hours, a fully charge Nicwell will last for roughly 21 days of use.

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